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Do You Use An Electric Facial Cleanser? You Should Try One Out!

An electric facial cleanser/facial cleansing brush is a must own ‘product’ and we’d get to why you should own one in a bit. Before deciding to snag this usually cute addition to your skincare table top, you should get to know the options you have obviously after noting your skin type and tone and basically what works for it.

A facial cleansing brush usually comes as a port with a brush attached (some come changeable so you can switch different types of brushes or change it over time while some come just that way), uses AA batteries and rechargeable via USB mostly. But make no mistake, a good one doesn’t come cheap.

Electric Facial Cleanser foreo luna mini 2 - Do You Use An Electric Facial Cleanser? You Should Try One Out! - Naijaonpoint.com

Foreo Luna Mini 2 (Foreo)

For the best part, a facial cleansing brush helps circulation, boosts collagen production with stimulation and most importantly will get any skin type squeaky clean. They are known to deeply clean the skin while massaging it at the same time which helps it a whole lot.

Note to not overuse it or work it on the face aggressively so you don’t irritate the delicate skin on your face! Cleansing brushes are used with facial washes/cleansers picked out by you because you know what works best for your skin.


Using it usually easy, start by wiping off makeup, dampen your face just a bit then continue with your cleanser/facial wash on the brush or the face and then work the brush on it (whatever rocks your boat), set your desired speed on the electric cleanser and work gently across the face avoiding the eyes.

Electric Facial Cleanser foreo luna mini - Do You Use An Electric Facial Cleanser? You Should Try One Out! - Naijaonpoint.com

Foreo Luna Mini (Foreo)

The sensation is usually around the massaging-esque type of feeling so it’s usually calming and soothing (because they mostly work in oscillation i.e a regular back and forth pattern) and of course in the end gets the face squeaky clean, the huge bonus with thorough cleaning is that any product that goes on after will be well absorbed by the skin.

So if looking for a deep cleanse to get the facial skin glowing and healthy looking, you should invest in a facial cleansing brush.

Though they don’t come cheap (the good ones), they work! We’re definitely not talking about the N2k facial brushes sold everywhere online these days.

If looking to try out, Foreo Luna, Foreo Luna Mini 2, the Clarisonic range and more are good ones to use. We would plug in a skincare routine by Dimma Umeh below so you’d get to see. You’re welcome!



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